Shoulder Duster Earrings

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Look Great With Shoulder Duster Earrings:

Let the simple shape of these antique yellow gold shoulder duster earrings speak for themselves. The duster will gently curve around your neck as it rest on your skin. This design will bring out your feminine side and the simple dangle will add a touch glamour that never fails. To complete the look, add a large flapper diamond claw bracelet and a flapper necklace to bring out the elegance of the nineteen-thousand-dollar era.

These neck- and shoulder duster earrings make the perfect accessory to a summer dress. To create an empire line, wear them with a long flowing tunic and shawl. This piece will be highlighted by the soft golden tones of its stone. For a unique look, wear one in a single setting with a chiffon fascinator. Or place it in a matching clutch. Add this stunning addition to your jewelery collection today!

These simple gemstones can be used as a part of a bigger statement with how to choose shoulder duster earrings. They can be found in a variety of sizes and cuts so that they can be worn alone or together to create a bold statement. If you are planning to wear them with an evening gown or other long flowing piece, keep in mind that gemstones placed in the center will draw attention to the centre of the piece. If you are going for a more casual look opt for smaller pieces that will draw attention away from the front.

You can add a playful touch to your shoulder duster earrings by adding smaller rubies or sapphires. While these gemstones are larger than those found in traditional shoulder duster earrings they will not overpower the piece. They also do not need to be in a solid colour as there are many semi-precious stones that look great when placed on the band of a shoulder duster. When looking for a pair of earrings to wear, opt for ones that have small sapphires or other gemstones set flush against the band. This will draw your attention away from larger stones that might be too large for your skin.

Shoulder duster earring styles range from short and petite to long and thick. Some are circular while others are rectangular. You can easily find a style that works well for you by taking your personal taste into consideration. Also, consider your skin tone and hair color. Consider the type of neckline that you are wearing, such as ruffles or drop backs.

If you are looking for a more subtle addition to your overall outfit, consider pairing your shoulder duster with a matching bracelet. These can be found in a variety of different colours, designs, and materials to suit you needs. You can even purchase ones that are made specifically to wear with shoulder dusters. This allows you to keep the same piece of jewelry, but to pair it with a stunning bracelet to complete your fashionable ensemble. If you are trying to find a unique piece of jewellery to wear on your shoulder, you will not be disappointed with the collection of fashionable, elegant shoulder dusters currently available.