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How To Choose Retro Earrings?

What's the fascination with retro earrings anyway? Why are they so in demand? What are some tips and tricks to get the best value for your money when buying vintage or second-hand jewelry? You've probably seen ads on eBay or other auction sites if you're interested to buy vintage jewelry. But have you considered doing a bit of searching before you actually part with any cash?

You can find some great buys online. Just do a quick search on vintage jewelry for a start. You might be tempted to purchase vintage jewelry that someone has lost or damaged, but it is best to check first. If you're willing to spend the time, there are amazing finds out there.

But before you buy online there's one thing to remember. Always research the seller. Look for feedback left by previous customers. See how long the seller has been in business and look at their website too - you might be surprised by some surprisingly accurate facts. Don't just go for the first retro style you see though - there are a huge range of styles available and it can be very confusing.

The best way to buy vintage or second-hand jewelry, is to visit your local jeweller. This is especially true if you are looking for vintage jewelry made with a particular gemstone. A majority of jewellers have a large showroom with a variety of items. Ask them to show you several collections. Or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous you could try doricserising your collection and try to match the colours.

This method has a downside: Vintage earrings aren’t always cheap. Because they are considered art and not ordinary jewellery, most people won't be able to sell them online. If you want to doricserise them then you should consider buying them from a charity or a store that specialises in vintage jewellery. This way you can avoid paying too much and still get an excellent piece of jewellery. If you buy vintage jewellery with a charity in mind then you'll probably get a discount.

Another option is to search online for vintage websites that focus on antique or vintage jewellery. Many such websites will have a massive range of vintage earrings for sale - and most will have photos for every item. There's also the added benefit of being able to contact sellers directly. Most modern jewellers won't have used a design by a recognised designer - so if you want doricsericing retro earrings then you might have to get in touch with somebody who knows about earrings. You can do a lot with online vintage jewellery sites, you can read articles and find out how to do things correctly - which is essential when you're working with precious stones.