About Dori

Dori Csengeri

Dori Csengeri is a world-renowned jewelry designer, specializing in contemporary jewelry.

She lives in Tel Aviv and creates at her studio on Dizengoff Street. Curiosity about her environment drives her inspiration - the people, the sounds, the smells and the sights.

Dori is a textile designer by profession. She is a graduate of the Shenkar College of Fashion in Tel Aviv. Specialized in fabric design at Total Fabrics, Manchester, and Cyril Kowalski’s studio in Paris. She studied painting at the Academy of Port Royal in Paris, as well as History of Art at the University of Zurich.

Her works combine bohemian design and haute couture creations and are featured in luxury jewelry stores and galleries, as well as in fashion magazines. Dori’s creations are available across Europe, the United States, Australia and the Far East.

“I create contemporary jewelry for a woman of character, who refuses to be a slave to fashion. A woman with an awareness of her body and female presence, who wants to get excited and thrilled. I create a contemporary but unique piece of jewelry for her, so that she can explore the possibilities of the 'fashion game' and create her own character.”

Dori Csengeri's work is rooted in fashion and art. A sense that is unparalleled in color and the perception of materials is the element of magic, the very creation of it. "All of my collections are born from research on original materials. They appeal to women like 'second skin,'" explains Dori.

Dori Csengeri’s jewelry is completely sewn by hand using an ancient assembly technique in needlework, of silky cotton cords. They are adorned with artistic cabochons, delicate stones, bohemian and crystal beads, seashells, wood, metal, anything that stimulates her creation. The jewelry has a soft leather finish for comfort, is particularly sensual, surprisingly lightweight and pleasant to wear.

At the heart of Dori's art is the creation of bold haute couture works that draw attention, alongside a classic, refined and accessible collection. Dori's jewelry evokes sophistication, elegance and independence. A collection that creates a complete look for her wife, unique elegant bags, belts, pins and rings.