Naive art is generally defined as a visual form of art created by artisans, who have no relevant formal education. Naive artists draw without any awareness of anatomy, technique or perspective. It is a world full of amazing colorful details and characterized by childlike simplicity and honesty.

The exhibition 'Naivety in Fashion', at the Gina Gallery for International Naive Art, in Tel Aviv, gathers fashion designers and artists, from various fashion disciplines, fabrics, dresses, jewelry, hats, shoes and more, to present their interpretations of this visual cultural art. This is where haute couture skillfully meets naive art

Dori, a veteran jewelry artist, emulates, with the needlework technique she developed, the aesthetics of naive art into impressive fashion creations. It combines naive art characterized by colors and simple, lively, childish, innocent shapes into elements of wearable artworks. For the neck, a large plastron necklace or a colorful and happy pendant, a rich bracelet and matching earrings

The works of fashion designers Yaron Minkovsky, Michal Negrin and Hila Maoz, Gal Ulman, Tataina Pogerbnyak, hat designer Maor Zabar, shoe designer Kobi Levy and jeweler Dori Chengari correspond with the naive paintings, from around the world, displayed in the exhibition