Inspired by the legend and folklore of the Dream Catchers, Dori is designing her interpretations to this cultural symbol, using her hand stitched, needle work technique, developed for, and borrowed from her jewelry design work.

Dreamcatchers are more than just delicate, whimsical décor accessories. They are rooted in legend and folklore and rich in history and meaning. The dreamcatcher concept originated from Native American cultures. These cultures believe that the air at night is filled with good and bad dreams. The dreamcatcher was first created as a kind of protective talisman. The Native Americans hung these creations above the cradles or beds of their young children to protect them from bad dreams and night.

The first, freestyle design, TAMARA, was made for our daughter’s birthday. Further freestyle themes, by Dori, are being prepared for the selection.
Themes’ sizes are about 8 x 15 cm and are priced $700-1000, depending on their complexity and materials used.
Custom-made themes may be ordered, in most colorways offered on our site.
Contact Dori for a theme that you would like to be made for you or your loved kins.